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I finished Mockingjay yesterday. I don’t know how to feel about it to be honest.. 

Some parts were sweet but at the same time, some parts were just like.. what the fuck. My home skillet Gale was basically thrown out of the story but you know.. whatever. This isn’t burger king so I can’t have it my way. 

After the break I’m gonna post some spoilers. 

Why did everyone have to die in this book? Jeeze! 

Prim dying was a shock to me.  Its like, why the fk was she in that area anyway? It felt so random.. When I first read that part, I didnt know it was Prim who died. I know Katniss said something about her ducktail or w/e being out and I’m like what? *reads on* I didnt realize it was Prim because I put down the book for so long so I forgot about that detail of her. But when I remembered, I was like,

Anyway, Katniss was a mess after that. :(♥

Also the scene where she had to kill President Snow. . Wtf was that about? She killed Coin instead! I swear, these HG books never go in the direction I think it will go in. Lol

There is the scene where Katniss voted for another HG. I was just pissed at her. I didnt think she would do that. The kids of the capitol don’t deserve to suffer because of what their family did. BUT w/e. 

 After all you went through Katniss? Oh, okay. 

Finnick dying. #WTF? I swear, I had to read that part about 10 times to understand that he died.

Gale. Gale. Gale.. My bb got blamed for so much. 

Anyway, Let me skip to the ending. Katniss & Peeta have two kids and that was sweet I guess. 

And err…. I think Katniss said somewhere in there that Annie had a baby? Finnick’s baby? That’s sweet too..

So this book.. I didnt like it much. No me gusta. I wanted to throw it too many times. Some parts were okay but overall this book made me disappointed in all things.

I enjoyed Catching Fire and the Hunger Games way more!

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