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We got caught : Take a lesson from this.

Well if you read my post a while back about this boy coping my whole paper, this is the aftermath of that situation and it is not good. 

If you did not, you can read up on that here

Anyway, I thought I was in the clear a few days ago when the teacher handed back one of my assignments but I then realized he didnt hand back the ‘copied’ paper. So I’ve been nervous about it.

Today he handed it back and it had a D on it. It said, COPIED. This paper is exactly the same as T’s paper. And his paper said the same. 

I was sooooo pissed because he obviously didnt see my email explaining the situation. 

After class the professor called both of our asses up to talk to us about it. I wanted to faint. In my mind I kept saying 'this is it. this is the final curtain call. i'm done. i'm sooooo done. i'm screwed.'

Then the professor was all, “These papers are basically the same. No one tried to change anything and I found that rather insulting. If you did this in any other class, you would have gotten an F. Now I don’t understand why you guys did this but I gave you a D for it. The paper was actually really good. It really deserved an A.”

Then T said his lie and was like “Oh we just worked together. We didnt think it would be a big deal… so.. “ 

I’m giving him the death stare right now. 

Then he said, ” She was just helping me to catch up on my work because I was trying to get as much work done before my surgery.”

So the professor was all, “OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! So she was just being a good samaritan trying to help you catch up! Oh I see. I’m sorry I saw it that way!”

Then he sticks his hand out at me for a high five and decides to give me a B instead of a D.

He tells us to never do that again and we go on our way. 

The lesson to be learned here is to be a cruel selfish bitch with your work. Don’t be kind because people like to take advantage of kindness. I don’t know how the situation ended with the teacher apologizing to me but it did. I just got lucky he understood how it really went down. 

After I left the class, T had the fucking nerve to call me up & ask me to give him assignment 4. I said hell the fuck no and yelled at him for the whole thing. He was all, “Oh obviously I wont make the same mistake again…” 

No bitch. It only takes one time. I tried to be nice and help you and you fucking back stabbed me. 

Then he’s all, “WOOOW. Just like that you lost all trust?!”

Um yeah?! You copied my WHOLE fucking paper when I gave you that shit to use as a guide. You got us both in deep shit with D papers! We could have been expelled if he wasn’t so nice. So yes. It only takes one time to do me wrong and I learn from those experiences. Never again am I helping you. My mistake for being nice. 

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  1. phasetoblack said: OH MY GOD girl, can I just say this shit is seriously like reading a drama! Like, for real, I was on edge with each word lol I can’t believe the audacity of that jerk, fuck him, I’m happy it all ended up working out in your favor!
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